05 November 2007

e-Sword Documentation

Updated two sections of The e-Sword Utility Program FAQ:

i) where_to_obtain_e-sword_support_v_0_0_A0_1_20071104.pdf

This is the updated version on where to find e-Sword support.

ii) versification_schemes_v_0_0_A_1_20071104.pdf:
The title of this document is a bit of a misnomer. Whilst alternate versification scheme data is included, that only applies to specific books or chapters. This document also includes versification information for some material that is neither protocanonical, nor deuterocanonical.

New documents in the series are:
i) internal_e-sword_numbers(Book_chapter_first_and_laste_verse_of_chapter.ods:
This is simply a spreadsheet of Table 117 in versification_schemes_v_0_0_A_1_20071104.pdf
This is in Open Document Format, which is the file format defined by ISO 26300 specifications. As such, it is the only internationally accepted standard file format for spreadsheets.

ii) internal_e-sword_numbers(Book_chapter_first_and_laste_verse_of_chapter.pdf:
This is Table 117 of versification_schemes_v_0_0_A_1_20071104.pdf in PDF format.

All of these documents can be found at http://www.esnips.com/web/eSwordFAQs/.