16 December 2009

Bible Study Tools

In reading about operation Bare Your Bookshelf, I was reminded of Percy Marongo. His only "aid" for sermon preparation was a well used Bible, that had no textual apparatus, cross-references, or anything similar.

I have conflicting thoughts about additional resources. Yes, they help in understanding the text. On the flip side, they can get in the way of reading the texts, and studying it deeply.

Nave's Topical Bible, Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, and the like greatly aid in locating passages that are related to a specific topic --- if the indexer has included them.

Concordances are useful in knowing where a specific word is used.

At what point do additional resources become more of a hindrance, than a help?

Does Logos 4 Portfolio Edition increase your understanding of the Bible, and help you produce sermons that are ten times better than if one uses Libronox4 Original Languages Edition?

The concept behind Operation Bare Your Bookshelf is a good one. If you bought any of the US$300, or more Bible Study Software programs, you probably have a digital library that greater in size than that found in a typical third world seminary fifty years ago.

My concern is that the preaching won't be from the heart, but from the latest or second latest craze to run through churches in the United States. The Prayer of Jezebel, instead of The Gospel.

14 December 2009

Pocket e-Sword 3.2

Pocket e-Sword 3.2 was officially released a couple of days ago.

Along with its release came two announcements:
  • Development of Pocket e-Sword has ceased;
  • Official support of Pocket e-Sword has ended;

The good news is that Pocket e-Sword will remain available for users to download, for the foreseeable future.

The commercially distributed resources for Pocket e-Sword will also be available. The caveat is that one might have to specifically ask for them. (All known commercially distributed resources will be listed at http://e-sword-users.org/users/node/884. If/when necessary, instructions on who to contact, to purchase the resource, will also be provided in the resource description.

e-Sword-users.org will continue to provide/distribute Pocket e-Sword resources.

The Pocket e-Sword list ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pocket_esword/ ) will continue to provide support for Pocket e-Sword.

The Pocket e-Sword forum at e-Sword-users.org will continue to provide support for Pocket e-Sword.

13 December 2009

FTC mandated disclosure

ack on 1 December 2009, the new FTC _Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising_ went into effect. I've read the regulations, and the FTC examples. You can read the regulations at http://www.ftc.gov/os/2009/10/091005endorsementguidesfnnotice.pdf Whilst I don't think that I fall into them, the rules have so many nooks and crannies in them, that I suspect that even if one purchased everything by oneself, and rejected all gifts of any and all kind, one would fall afoul of the rules. Read http://overlawyered.com/2009/10/required-ftc-blogger-disclosure/ for one lawyer's opinion of the regulations. Read http://www.edrants.com/interview-with-the-ftcs-richard-cleland/ for an explanation by the FTC of why the rules are overreaching and unreasonable. Read http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10368064-36.html for the FTC explaining why they are patently absurd in their enforcement of their rules. Since 1 January 2009, no organization has provided me with any financial compensation Since I am an administrator here, I have access to most (all?) resources uploaded to e-sword-users, for redistribution from e-sword-users, prior to their release to the general public. (I don't have a list of those resources, nor a list of what I have downloaded.) I received a copy of RSVA.bblx, from Rick Meyers, several months prior to the release of e-Sword 9.0.1. In June 2009, I received a copy of BibleStudy 2009, for beta testing. [This requires .NET, which doesn't run on *Nix, I wasn't able to do much beta testing of it. :( I did do some testing on a Win XP system. Ben Kruger has given me a copy of most (all?) premium editions of BeST, for the last couple of years. In January 2009, I was anonymously given a computer and printer to create e-Sword resources with. (Compaq Deskpro pentium. 96 MB RAM. Win 95 for the OS. CD drive.)(HP LaserJet 6L) I wiped the drive, with the intent of reinstalling Win95. I haven't been able to reinstall Win95, or any other OS on that system. :( At BibleTech 2009, I was given a T Shirt and a copy of _Bible Study_ magazine. This is a quarterly publication from Logos.(I don't remember if they gave out any other freebies.) I don't have a list of books I've checked out of the public library since 1 January 2009. (Seriously, the FTC guidelines are so badly written, that failure to do so can be construed as a breach of them. Only until fifty or so court cases have been ruled on,can a reasonable idea of how overarching and unreasonable the FTC intends to be.) I currently have checked out: * Jennifer Roberson: _Deepwood_ ISBN 13:978-0-7564-0482-6 [I checked out _Karavans_, which is the first volume of the series, earlier this year.] * Michael Dubruiel: _The Power of the Cross_ ISBN: 1-59276-100-3 Earlier this year an individual, whose name I've forgotten, gave me: * Willa Cather: _Death Comes for the Archbishop_ ISBN 0-679-72889-9 * Raymond E Brown: _The Community of the Beloved Disciple_ ISBN 0-8091-2174-3 * Ben Patterson: _Waiting: Finding Hope When GOD Seems Silent_ ISBN0-8308-1727-1 * Raymond E Brown: _The Churches The Apostles Left Behind_ ISBN0-8091-2611-7 (2 copies!) * Madeleine L Engle _Glimpses of Grace: Daily Thoughts and Reflections_ ISBN 0-06-065281-0 * Thomas Merton _No Man Is An Island_ ISBN 0-15-665962-X * Lazarus & Lazarus: _The 60 Second Shrink_ ISBN0-7607-1623-4 * Thomas P McDonnell (editor): _A Thomas Merton Reader_ ISBN 0-385-03292-7 * C K Barrett: _Paul: An Introduction to His Thought_ ISBN 0-664-25541-8 * John Domininic Crossan: _Jesus: A Revolutionary_ ISBN 0-06-061661-X * Gerald L Sittser: _A Grace Disguised_ ISBN 0-310-21931-0 * Erich Fromm: _The Revolution of Hope_ Bantam Books 1968. No ISBN * Marilynne Robinson: _Gilead_ ISBN 0-374-15389-2 * Thomas Merton _The Ascent to Truth_ ISBN 0-15-608682-4 * Fisher &Ury: _Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement without giving in. ISBN 0-14-006534-2 * St Anselm: _Proslogium, Monologium, Cur Deus Homo, Gaunilo's In Behalf of the Fool._ ISBN 0-87548-109-4 * Marcus J Borg: _Jesus in Concemporary Scholarship_ ISBN 1-56338-094-3 * Marcus J Borg: _Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time_ ISBN 0-06-060917-6 From Pastor Jonathon Micheel: * Jonathon A Micheel & Joel Cordes: _Grace By Grace: A Bible Information Class_ No ISBN. Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church and School: 2008 * I'm not sure, but I might have also obtained a copy of _The Small Catechism of Martin Luther_ from him. From Google Books: * So many public domain works, that I can no longer download anything from there. From Living Stream Ministry: * _The New Testament: Recovery Version_. * I think I also received one or two other pamphlets from them, but I don't have either them, or the titles handy.