I loathe cookies.

Any organization that uses cookies, is an organization who has hired web designers that are utterly incompetent, and need to retake remedial web-design 090 through 099, before being allowed to retake their training as a web designer.

There is no legitimate reason for any organization to ever use cookies.

That said, Google, as is normal for big corporations, hires only the most incompetent web designers it can find, and thus has to use cookies, because those web designers are so incompetent, they don't know how to do anything without using cookies.

The following URL allegedly describes the cookie policy used by Google. There is a possibility that the same notice is visible on the blog. (I run a Firefox script that eliminates these notices, so even if present, I wouldn't see it.)

If you use Firefox, my recommendation is that you install the Self Destructing Cookies extension. Then adjust the parameters so that cookies are deleted on sight.

The only viable option in preventing super-cookies from being installed, is to uninstall all software provided by known purveyors of malware, and not re-install them under any circumstances.

Oh, In brief, Google's policy is to track everything it can, regardless of legality, because they can do so. Its former motto "Do No Evil" was merely a PR stunt that proudly proclaimed that they not only were capable of doing evil, but they took pride in so doing.

As far as any advertising that appears on this blog goes, assume that both the advertiser, and the Internet advertising agency that provides the adds, uses cookies for the sole purpose pose of harassing you with irrelevant offers, and selling your information to third parties, to further use psychological force against you, in their endeavor to con you into buying their fifth rate junk that is over priced, and bears no resemblance to what they claim it does.

Cookies are there for purposes that are immoral, unjust, unethical, and illegal.   Likewise, trackers are placed there for the sole purpose of engaging in that which is immoral, unethical, unjust, and illegal.

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