24 August 2012

1 & 1/8 M

As of 20120822:23:56:00 UT, BibleSupport.com users had downloaded 1 145 146 resources.  At the current rate, it should have 2 000 000 downloads by 1 March 2013.

In terms of users, that figure implies that the average user has downloaded 38.9161 resources.

To get on the list of top 20 down-loaders, one has to have downloaded 4 366 resources. To be in the top five, one needs to have downloaded 11 631 resources.

I don't know how that works, since the site currently offers 6 466 different files.

In terms of uploading resources:
  • 14 resources will squeak one into twentieth place;
  • 52 resources will drop one into tenth place;
  • 143 resources will edge one into fifth place;
  • 3 681 resources  will get one into first place;
Create a resource.  Provide it for e-Sword 8.x, e-Sword 9.x, Pocket e-Sword, and MySword, and an instant four resources.

Meanwhile, WordModules.com continues to grow:
  • 1714 members;
  • 294 resources;
  • 42 682 downloads;
That is an average of 24.901 downloads per user.

I noticed in passing that the top seventeen downloaders had retrieved at least 309 resources each.

For those wishing to submit resources:
  • Two will put one in the top forteen;
  • Five resources will place one in the top ten;
  • Eighteen will place one in the top five;
  • One hundred and twenty-eight will place one in top place;

For both sites, (BibleSupport.com & WordModules.com) the emphasis is on resource quality, over resource quantity.  

The criteria for what constitutes "high quality" resources is the same for both sites:
  • The text is faithful to the original;
  • Font parameters can be adjusted by the user;
  • If there are images in the original, they are to be included within the resources;
  • All scripture citations are correctly tooltipped;
  • Presentation markup is consistent with other resources for the same software;
  • Text flow must be consistent, regardless of screen size;
  • Content is consistent for the type of resource that is constructed;