Available Services

If you have an electronic device,
that you wish to use for Bible Study,
I can assist you in choosing,
and using,
the appropriate Biblical software.

Electronic devices include, but are not limited to:
  • Computer:
    • Desktop;
    • Laptop;
    • Netbook;
    • Notebook;
  • Smartphone:
    • iPhone;
    • Galaxy Tab;
  • Game Console:
    • x Box;
  • Smart TV:
    • Apple TV;
    • Roku;
  • PDA:
    •  BlackBerry;
    • Palm Pilot;
  • MP3 Player:
    • iPod;
    • Walkman;
  • Tablet:
    • iPad;
    • Android tablet;
  • eBook Reader:
    • Kindle;
    • Kobo;
    • Nook;

Billy Graham once said that the best translation of the Bible, is the translation that one will read, and study, every day. So it is with Biblical software. The best Biblical software is that which one uses daily, for studying the Bible.

Typically, the copyright holder of recent translations of the Bible, requires a payment for the resource. For some software, recent translations of the Bible, are not available.

For some platforms, the only available software is expensive. For other platforms, the software, along with thousands of books, is gratis.

The process:

  • Spend enough time face to face, or via phone, Skype, FaceTime, ooVoo, IM, or email, to fully understand your needs, requirements, and issues;
  • Recommend the solution that works for you, within your price range;
  • Help you install the software that works for you;
  • Show you how to use the software;
  • Show you how to study the Bible using all of your devices;
  • Minimize the impact of the software, and resources, on your budget;
This help is provided gratis.
I do not get a commission for any software, or resources that you install, purchase, or otherwise acquire for your electronic devices.

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