08 April 2009

My e-Sword Documentation

In rewriting/updating the documentation for both e-Sword, and Pocket e-Sword,I've come across too many unacceptable errors. As a consequence, I have pulled all of the documentation for e-Sword and Pocket e-Sword from my esnips folder.

For all practical purposes, I am completely rewriting The e-Sword Utility Program FAQ. I don't know how long it will take.

On a semi-related note, I've submitted DMCA take down notices to several sites that contain material that I have written. In all cases, it is because the sites in question are distributing the material in violation of the license that my material was distributed under.

06 April 2009

Fixing PDA issues

I ended up fixing the password issue, by creating new accounts:
* AIM: eSwordSupport
* Yahoo chat: BibleStudySoftware
* MSN Live Chat: Bible.Study.Software

I'm waiting for Pidgin to be ported to the Samsung Saga.

Whilst there are a couple of IM clients for the Samsung Saga, in as much as the tech support people for them don't know what Unicode is, I have grave doubts about the ability of those IM clients to display messages that use something other US ASCII.

I did find a utility for Linux, that allegedly enables one to install programs on the PDA. I haven't yet installed it on my Linux box. (I'm waiting for Ubuntu 9.10 to be released, before doing that.)