13 December 2009

FTC mandated disclosure

ack on 1 December 2009, the new FTC _Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising_ went into effect. I've read the regulations, and the FTC examples. You can read the regulations at http://www.ftc.gov/os/2009/10/091005endorsementguidesfnnotice.pdf Whilst I don't think that I fall into them, the rules have so many nooks and crannies in them, that I suspect that even if one purchased everything by oneself, and rejected all gifts of any and all kind, one would fall afoul of the rules. Read http://overlawyered.com/2009/10/required-ftc-blogger-disclosure/ for one lawyer's opinion of the regulations. Read http://www.edrants.com/interview-with-the-ftcs-richard-cleland/ for an explanation by the FTC of why the rules are overreaching and unreasonable. Read http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10368064-36.html for the FTC explaining why they are patently absurd in their enforcement of their rules. Since 1 January 2009, no organization has provided me with any financial compensation Since I am an administrator here, I have access to most (all?) resources uploaded to e-sword-users, for redistribution from e-sword-users, prior to their release to the general public. (I don't have a list of those resources, nor a list of what I have downloaded.) I received a copy of RSVA.bblx, from Rick Meyers, several months prior to the release of e-Sword 9.0.1. In June 2009, I received a copy of BibleStudy 2009, for beta testing. [This requires .NET, which doesn't run on *Nix, I wasn't able to do much beta testing of it. :( I did do some testing on a Win XP system. Ben Kruger has given me a copy of most (all?) premium editions of BeST, for the last couple of years. In January 2009, I was anonymously given a computer and printer to create e-Sword resources with. (Compaq Deskpro pentium. 96 MB RAM. Win 95 for the OS. CD drive.)(HP LaserJet 6L) I wiped the drive, with the intent of reinstalling Win95. I haven't been able to reinstall Win95, or any other OS on that system. :( At BibleTech 2009, I was given a T Shirt and a copy of _Bible Study_ magazine. This is a quarterly publication from Logos.(I don't remember if they gave out any other freebies.) I don't have a list of books I've checked out of the public library since 1 January 2009. (Seriously, the FTC guidelines are so badly written, that failure to do so can be construed as a breach of them. Only until fifty or so court cases have been ruled on,can a reasonable idea of how overarching and unreasonable the FTC intends to be.) I currently have checked out: * Jennifer Roberson: _Deepwood_ ISBN 13:978-0-7564-0482-6 [I checked out _Karavans_, which is the first volume of the series, earlier this year.] * Michael Dubruiel: _The Power of the Cross_ ISBN: 1-59276-100-3 Earlier this year an individual, whose name I've forgotten, gave me: * Willa Cather: _Death Comes for the Archbishop_ ISBN 0-679-72889-9 * Raymond E Brown: _The Community of the Beloved Disciple_ ISBN 0-8091-2174-3 * Ben Patterson: _Waiting: Finding Hope When GOD Seems Silent_ ISBN0-8308-1727-1 * Raymond E Brown: _The Churches The Apostles Left Behind_ ISBN0-8091-2611-7 (2 copies!) * Madeleine L Engle _Glimpses of Grace: Daily Thoughts and Reflections_ ISBN 0-06-065281-0 * Thomas Merton _No Man Is An Island_ ISBN 0-15-665962-X * Lazarus & Lazarus: _The 60 Second Shrink_ ISBN0-7607-1623-4 * Thomas P McDonnell (editor): _A Thomas Merton Reader_ ISBN 0-385-03292-7 * C K Barrett: _Paul: An Introduction to His Thought_ ISBN 0-664-25541-8 * John Domininic Crossan: _Jesus: A Revolutionary_ ISBN 0-06-061661-X * Gerald L Sittser: _A Grace Disguised_ ISBN 0-310-21931-0 * Erich Fromm: _The Revolution of Hope_ Bantam Books 1968. No ISBN * Marilynne Robinson: _Gilead_ ISBN 0-374-15389-2 * Thomas Merton _The Ascent to Truth_ ISBN 0-15-608682-4 * Fisher &Ury: _Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement without giving in. ISBN 0-14-006534-2 * St Anselm: _Proslogium, Monologium, Cur Deus Homo, Gaunilo's In Behalf of the Fool._ ISBN 0-87548-109-4 * Marcus J Borg: _Jesus in Concemporary Scholarship_ ISBN 1-56338-094-3 * Marcus J Borg: _Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time_ ISBN 0-06-060917-6 From Pastor Jonathon Micheel: * Jonathon A Micheel & Joel Cordes: _Grace By Grace: A Bible Information Class_ No ISBN. Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church and School: 2008 * I'm not sure, but I might have also obtained a copy of _The Small Catechism of Martin Luther_ from him. From Google Books: * So many public domain works, that I can no longer download anything from there. From Living Stream Ministry: * _The New Testament: Recovery Version_. * I think I also received one or two other pamphlets from them, but I don't have either them, or the titles handy.

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