14 December 2009

Pocket e-Sword 3.2

Pocket e-Sword 3.2 was officially released a couple of days ago.

Along with its release came two announcements:
  • Development of Pocket e-Sword has ceased;
  • Official support of Pocket e-Sword has ended;

The good news is that Pocket e-Sword will remain available for users to download, for the foreseeable future.

The commercially distributed resources for Pocket e-Sword will also be available. The caveat is that one might have to specifically ask for them. (All known commercially distributed resources will be listed at http://e-sword-users.org/users/node/884. If/when necessary, instructions on who to contact, to purchase the resource, will also be provided in the resource description.

e-Sword-users.org will continue to provide/distribute Pocket e-Sword resources.

The Pocket e-Sword list ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pocket_esword/ ) will continue to provide support for Pocket e-Sword.

The Pocket e-Sword forum at e-Sword-users.org will continue to provide support for Pocket e-Sword.

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