23 November 2006

Requesting New Modules

Back on the 19 November, MIke Brandt announced on the e-Sword_tools list (amongst others) that he was working on a website that would list all of the publicly available e-Sword modules.

Somewhere in the resulting thread, a side discussion about how people could request new modules arose.

Proposed solutions are:
* A Wiki;
* Blog;
* A mailing list;
* A web forum;

Of course, back on 23 October 2006, Pastor Throop put a message on his web forum (http://pastorthroop.com/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=28) , asking if people had any module requests.

Meanwhile, over at http://www.thechan.com, a sticky note was put up on 13 October 2006 requesting that unorthodox translations not be requested on the website.

Over at http://cafe.naver.com/esword.cafe there is a never ending stream of requests for material, and an equally long stream of "How do I make modules for e-Sword?"
I can't tell if anybody is tracking, and working on the resources that are requested.

There is a long list of desired resources in Dutch on e-Sword_Nederlands at yahoogroups dot com.
The issue here is quite simply manpower. There are far more modules than one or two people can easily create.

You have the same issue with German on e-Sword_German at yahoogroups dot com.
Again, the same issue about manpower arises. So some people on that list have also made their request known of esword at yahoogroups dot com. Still, not much German material has been created. :(

If your interest is Romanian material, then Bible_Modules_developers_from_Romania@yahoogroups.com is very well organized. This doesn't mean that they will provide the requested material, but they do track what is requested,and where it is in the production line.

I"m not sure what happens on the Spanish support lists for e-Sword. Announcements of new modules are made frequently on those lists.

Which leaves the English language support lists. There are a number of messages on all of the lists, requesting specific modules. If a request catches a module creator's attention,and they have the time, then it might appear. Otherwise nothing happens to it. Nobody tracks the requests, much less where in the production cycle the material is in.

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