19 February 2009

e-Sword Documentation

Right now, I'm torn between removing all of the e-Sword documentation I've written, and leaving it up. I am also torn between publishing documentation that I write in the future, or keeping it for my own use.

I would have thought that a group that uses the GNU GPL 2.0 license would both know, and understand the difference between closed source, and open source. I would also have thought that they would respect copyright law. It appears that I was wrong on both counts.

I've had some misgivings in the past about providing information about e-Sword. That a group that theoretically understands Open Source doesn't understand it, implies that my misgivings were justified.

Maybe I should have volunteered to talk about copyright, licenses, and similar things at BibleTech 2009.

04 February 2009

Pocket e-Sword

I've been given a Samsung Saga Smartphone.

Which means that now I'll be able to both write documentation for Pocket e-Sword, and create resources for it.

However, all this is contingent upon solving one _major_ problem.

My computers currently run Ubuntu AMD 64 bit 8.10, DrDos 7.03, and Win95.
Needless to say, the apps on the CDs for the smartphone are not for any of those platforms.

I've also run into one other issue. I can't use the smartphone for IM, because there is no way for me to enter my passwords. (Samsung tech support was of no help at all.)