30 March 2011

Wanted: Volunteer accountant and Volunteer Drupal programmer.

This afternoon, I paid for web hosting for e-Sword-users.org for one month. The current hosting expires 13 April 2011. The website is back up.

The following positions need to be filled immediately:

#1: Website Designer:
One volunteer to create and maintain e-Sword-users.org:
  • Must know Drupal;
  • Web portfolio must be available;
This is a volunteer position.
  • Roughly 90 days to complete the site reconstruction; (This should cover all unforeseen delays.)
  • Ongoing maintenance will be needed;
  • Webforum;
  • Text Blogs;
  • Video Blogs;
  • Binary file distribution;
  • Sitewide RSS Feed;
  • Multilingual;

The current site layout and design was a draft.  The expectation was that it would be reconstructed, after a better idea of what users wanted, and expected was obtained.  That reconstruction has not yet taken place. The primary task for this position will be to do that site reconstruction.

#2: Accountant

One volunteer to:
  • Setup a budget for e-Sword-users.org;
  • Make weekly reports about income and outgo for the week;
  • Make monthly reports about projected income and outgo for the month;
  • Locate suitable affiliate programs, and ensure that links to those programs are in place, and correctly linked;
  • Determine what the expenses and income for this site for the last two and a half years has been. Ideally, a forensic audit of all financial data would be done;
If a legal corporation for e-Sword-users.org is created, both of these positions 
would automatically fall under the auspices of that organization.

If there are no suitable candidates for both of these positions by 9 April, then the website and project will be shut down on 13 April, and not be resurrected.

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