22 April 2012

A Linux based Christian Distro

Development of Ubuntu Christian Edition is stalled.
Development of Ichthux is stalled.
The Christian oriented puplets of Puppy Linux have tended to be one version wonders.

Who are these distros aimed at?
Why should any end user consider a Christian respin, over stock whatever:
  • Arch;
  • CentOS;
  • Debian;
  • Fedora;
  • Red Hat,
  • SuSe;
  • Ubuntu;
The programs included in the respin are usually found in the upstream repository. The major exceptions being Windows programs that require WINE, or CrossOver:
  • e-Sword;
  • In the Beginning was The Word;
  • Interlinear Scripture Analyzer;
  • Theophilos;
  • Virtual Rosary;
  • Sunday School Planner;
The minor exceptions are the wallpaper, and the other accouterments of the themes that are included within the distro. Typically, these are not distributed under a Libre license.

The Sword Project offers native (Linux) biblical software. In theory, all of the features and functionality of the biblical software found in the Windows world can be included. It would be much simpler for Christian Linux distros to drop the Windows software, if the front ends of The Sword Project could successfully complete the 2009 SBL Biblical Software Shootout challenge.

(This post was originally written on 12 January 2011.)

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