06 November 2013

Software Support

If customer interaction with developers is perceived to be a valuable thing, then:
  • Have several people whose sole function is to act as a liaison between developers and end-users;
  • Setup a very good customer service group:
    1. Have a web forum for each language spoken by users;
    2. Have mailing lists for each language spoken by users;
    3. Have micro-blogs for each language spoken by users, on at least a dozen portals that offer micro-blogging options;
    4. Have a social network presence for each language spoken by users, on the major social networking sites ---- this means roughly 250 sites, multiplied by the number of languages used in the geographic regions where those social networking sites dominate;
    5. Offer IRC in each language spoken by users;
    6. IM contacts for each language spoken by users;
    7. VoIP contacts for each language spoken by users;
  • Setup a good documentation creation team:
    1. Create videos showing how to use every aspect of the software;
    2. Write documents (eBooks, hard copy books, PDFs) showing how to use every aspect of the software;
    3. Construct a wiki that covers every aspect of the software:
      • Installing the software;
      • Customizing the software;
      • Using the software;
      • Explains what each icon in the software is for;
      • Explains how, and when to use each icon;
      • Explains each item on each menu;
      • Explains how to use the software;
      • Includes at least ten examples, for each usage of each icon;
      • Includes functionality that is available, but has no icon;
      • Shows how to do things using a keyboard only --- no mouse allowed;
      • Shows how to work around when a mouse is required;
      • Recognizes that requiring a mouse is a major design flaw, and as such should be prohibited at all times, and in all places;
  • Setup a good QA team:
    1. Use automated testing tools to crash the software;
    2. If you can't use the software after throwing away the keyboard, display monitor, and mouse, the software failed QA;
    3. Have end-user accessible Bug Tracking tools;
    4. Have end-user accessible Request For Enhancement reporting tools;
The major flaw in most software projects is inadequate documentation, and non-existent customer support;

Every Bible Study program that is currently (20131105) available, fails QA # 3: If you throw away your keyboard, mouse, and display monitor, you can not use the program. This is true for every platform that Biblical Software is currently available on.

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