02 May 2007

e-Sword Module Manager

The e-Sword Module Manager makes it very easy to install e-Sword resources on Ubuntu Christian Edition.

It is much easier to jump from tab to tab, rather than using the drop down box to select the type of resource one wants. It also is much easier to simply hit the appropriate tab, than scroll through the list of resources.

The downsides are:
  • Only the first fifteen resources are listed;
  • No description is provided/displayed for the resources;
  • Only executable files are installed;
I have a copy of the source code. Once I have finished some of my other projects, I will fix those issues, and port it to Windows.

Additional features I would like to add are:
  • Retrieve and install official e-Sword documentation;
  • Retrieve and install unofficial e-Sword documentation;
  • Retrieve and install user created resources;
Obviously this tool won't be able to retrieve resources from sites such as thechan.com. Maybe those sites can be mirrored at esnips.com.

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