08 May 2007

Updated e-Sword Documentation

On 3 May 2007, The e-Sword Utility Program FAQ: Where to Obtain e-Sword Support Version / 20070502 was released

First, the list that has gone.

e-Sword_unofficial_users_group: This list was originally deleted by a hacker on 27 December 2005. It was recreated soon after as a porn site. And now it has been deleted. :)

A couple of new lists made their appearance:

Catholic e-Sword: The function of this list is to focus on e-Sword material for Catholic Christianity.

Jewish e-Sword: The focus of this list is e-Sword resources for Jews and Noachides.

Christopedia: This list focuses upon creating resources in Danish for various Bible Study programs.

There also has been an explosion of resources available at esnips.com.

An updated version of Currently Available e-Sword Resources should be available around the middle of the month.

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