10 June 2008

e-Sword Live

Back in December 2007, Rick asked me to beta test e-Sword Live.

I tested it out, using Firefox, Konqueror, and two or three other browsers that are available for Linux. I also tested it on Windows, using Firefox. (Microsoft Internet Explorer was removed from my Windows Box, within an hour of installing Windows.)

The thing I like the most, is the cross-references, underneath the Bible display. The downside is that there are none for deuterocanonical material. :( The 1899 Douay-Rheims and KJVA are the only Bibles that include deuterocanonical material. None of the commentaries cover deuterocanonical material.

e-Sword Live was publicly announced 23 May 2008.

For those who have difficulty in submitting questions/bug reports/requests for enhancement to http://live.e-sword.net/about/contact.html the following _might_ help:

Do not use any of the following:
* Parenthesis. That is "(" and ")";
* Apostrophe " ' ";
* Quotation marks ' " ';
* Colons ":";
* Semi-colons ";" ;

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