08 July 2008

e-Sword RSS Feeds

I'm slowly creating sets of RSS feeds of e-Sword resources

The first set I created is e-Sword.OPML, and consists of RSS Feeds from Yahoogroups.

The second set I created is livemarks-and-bookmarks.opml. This consists of RSS Feeds of e-Sword related folders on esnips.com.

On the left hand side of this blog, is e-Sword Bookmarks. Currently, only my bookmarks are listed. I will add more lists of e-Sword related bookmarks there, as I find tjavascript:void(0)hem.

Further down the left hand side of this blog, is my blog roll. It includes all of the e-Sword related blogs I am aware of. In theory, it lists the most recent blog posts first.

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