15 July 2008


Just released: The e-Sword Utility Program FAQ : Where to obtain e-Sword support from : V 0.0.B0.07 / 20080715. PDF Format 162 pages, A4 size pages. This document covers all sources of support for using e-Sword, or creating e-Sword resources that I am aware of.

A couple of days ago I released:

Currently Available e-Sword Resources: esnips.com. This is a draft document, that contains a list of e-Sword resources that have been found on esnips.com. It is not comprehensive. It is not complete. It has not been edited. It is a very rough draft. None the less, it might be useful for somebody wanting to know if a specific resource is available. PDF Format. A4 size pages. 364 pages.

The Potential of e-Sword v 0.0.B0.0120080707.pdf:
This is one in a set of documents on using e-Sword for Spiritual Growth.

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