20 September 2009

Model Lesson

This is just so I can find an example of a model lesson to utilize to write e-Sword and Pocket e-Sword documentation.

How to Add e-Sword Resources

Concept / Topic To Teach:

The different ways of adding resources to e-Sword.

Standards Addressed:

AFAIK, there are no standards for this task, for which a certificate is obtainable.

General Goal:

The reader will know how to add e-Sword resources to the collection that they use.

Specific Objectives:

  • Install an uncompressed resource;
  • Install a compressed resource;
  • Install a resource that is an executable file;

Required Materials:

  • e-Sword
  • List other software that is required;

e-Sword Resources:
  • List each e-Sword resource that is required to successfully complete this lesson;

Pocket e-Sword Resources:
  • List each Pocket e-Sword resource that is required to successfully complete this lesson;

Anticipatory Set:

[Write a paragraph or two that makes the reader excited about this lesson. Something that makes them want to stop browsing, fire up e-Sword/Pocket e-Sword, and complete this lesson.]

Step-By-Step Procedures:

  • This is an unnumbered list;
  • Each item is a link to a new page on the wiki;
  • Each point is a synopsis of what the new page covers;
  • Each point is one step in how to do the objective of this lesson;

Plan For Independent Practice:

  • Each item on this list is an example of something the user can do;
  • The aim is to provide practice items that can be easily completed;
  • Put the difficult items last;
  • Try to provide the degree of difficulty in doing the item;


[Cover why the reader is so excited about completing this lesson.]

Assessment Based On Objectives:

  • This is list of items for self testing;
  • Each item can be either a one liner, with no link, or a link to a wiki page that covers the "test item" in more detail;
  • If a page is created for the "test item", also create a page for the answer, and link to it from the "test item page";


This is either a list of links to wiki pages, or a series of paragraphs that describe how to accomplish the objective, if the reader uses the following:
  • Screen reading software;
  • Braille Display Terminal;
  • Pointing device for screen control;
  • Pointing device for keyboard control;
  • Virtual keyboard;
  • Audio input device for screen control;
  • Audio input device for keyboard control;
  • Other accessibility issues;
  • Learning style differences;

The working assumption with these lessons is that the reader is an inexperienced computer user, and a new Christian. (IOW, don't expect the reader to know the difference between Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, μετουσίωσις, The Real Presence, Sacramental Communion, Pneumatic Presence, Memorialism, and Relational Presence.)


This is either a list of links to web pages, or a paragraph that describe changes to the lesson, if the reader is either an experienced computer user, or a mature/very mature Christian.

Please label the changes to reflect the degree of computer skills, or maturity as a Christian, that are "needed".

Connections To Other Subjects:

  • This is a list of links to other wiki pages that are related to this lesson;

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