10 January 2011

Closed Lists

Two years ago e-Sword-Users.org was created as a place where users of Pocket e-Sword and e-Sword could distribute resources they created, and discuss e-Sword and Pocket e-Sword. The aim was to be a one stop source for e-Sword and Pocket e-Sword.

My original plan was to migrate all of the lists on YahooGroups that I moderate, save for eSword and Pocket e-Sword, to e-Sword-users.org, by June 2009.

I have finally closed the following support lists:
* Catholic e-Sword;
* e-Sword Islam;
* e-Sword4Linux;
* e-Sword4Mac;
* e-Sword4Vista;
* e-Sword Chat;
* e-Sword Copyright;
* e-Sword Debate;
* e-Sword Live!
* e-Sword Mormon;
* e-Sword Off Topic;
* e-Sword Doctrine Theology;
* e-Sword Unofficial Users Group;
* e-Sword Baptist;
* eSwordPrayer;
* Gnostic e-Sword;
* Jewish e-Sword;
* The e-Sword Unofficial Users Group;
* Unbiased e-Sword

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