10 January 2011

e-sword 10: Conceptual UI

Andrew J posted an interesting concept for the UI for e-Sword 10.


(I'd post his UI, but it under copyright.  I've got 100 000 unread emails in my inbox right now, otherwise I'd email him for permission. When my email is that stacked up, I don't see responses to my emails for weeks, if at all.)

From my POV, the most functional thing about his design is the coloured tabs. Ideally, users could select colours based on some specific attribute in the resource.

I don't see the number of resources one has, as being a usability issue with that design, _IF_ single row tabs are used.

With multi-row tabs. usability is always going to be an issue.

Let's face it.  How much of the text for the Bible, Dictionary, or Commentary that is open can you read there?  (Clicking on the image should display it full size in its own window. For some reason, my screenshots are illegible when shrunk down.)

One thing I don't see in Andrew's UI, is where the statistical analysis of passages that e-Sword can do, is.  That isn't the only function of e-Sword that most people don't know about, that I don't see there.

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