26 June 2012


Earlier today, a request to remove Ichthux from the Ubuntu Launchpad was filed.


Ichthux was the first Christian orientated Linux distro to be publicly released. 

In 2000, a set of utilities to be installed on Windows 2000, to create a desktop suitable for Christians, was released.  I do not remember the name of the publisher.  Their offerings included:
  • Wallpaper;
  • Clipart;
  • Fonts;
  • Templates;
  • Desktop theme;
I don't remember what else it contained.

By way of comparison, when Ichthux  was originally released in 2003, it contained:
  • Desktop Themes;
  • Bookmarks for Christian websites;
  • Fonts;
  • Templates;
  • Biblical Software. (Bibletime);
The big difference between the product for Win2K and Ichthux was the Bible software.

In 2006.Ichthux switched from being an independent distro, to a metapackage for Kubuntu.  

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