26 June 2012

One year and fifteen days later

Back on 13 June 2011, BibleSupport.com opened to the general public.

Current statistics are:
  • 22,895 subscribers;
  • 96 Pocket e-Sword Resources;
  • 404 MySword Resources;
  • 1,979 e-Sword 8.x resources;
  • 33 Utility Programs;
  • 1,024 items to be converted into e-Sword resources;
  • 2,880 resources for e-Sword 9.x and e-Sword 9.x.
All of these figures are significantly higher that e-Sword-users.org had, after its first year.

It has also spawned an offspring site: WordModules.com, for resources for TheWord. This is a Bible Study program for Windows, to which many  e-Sword users have migrated. (I'll post my review of TheWord later this quarter.)

One virtue of BibleSupport, is that it imposes a degree of quality control that e-Sword-users never had. On the flipside, e-Sword-users did not impose any theological constraints on resources, which BibleSupport does do.


Jon Morgan said...

Should that year be 2011 rather than 1012?

jonathon said...

Thanks for the correction.