15 March 2015

MinistryUse OS

I received a reply from Darion Cantron, the developer of MinistryUse OpenSUSE and Christ OS. He is working on a successor to both of those distros, namely
MinistryUse OS, available from http://ministryuseos.weebly.com/.

The ISO file is 3GB in size, and is hosted on mega.co.nz. Links are at

The web page description is:

MinistryUSE OS is a Linux Remaster of Linux Mint.  It's purpose is to provide a desktop experience with all the tools commonly needed for work in ministry.  As a pastor of a small church I use my laptop every day researching, writing, reading, reaching out using social networks, creating, planning, and publishing.  It is vital tool for the work I do.  And I got to thinking, what if I could create an operating system with all the tools I find helpful in my ministry so that other ministers could use it right out of the box.

That is what I am attempting to do here.  

A Linux Desktop Experience geared for Christians who want to use their computers as tools for ministry.  

Being as how this project is very new, improvement will be made based upon your feedback.  So contact me through Facebook and let me know what you think.  But be kind, I do this on my free time.
The current features are:
  • Libreoffice for Office Suite
  • Bibletime, Xiphos, E-Sword, and TheWord for Bible Study and Research
  • OpenLP for Projection Software
  • Chromium Browser and Firefox Browser for Internet Browsing
  • Rhythmbox, VLC, and Amorak for Media Players
  • Cheese and Kdenlive for Video Editing
  • Audacity for Audio Editing
  • Evolution (Pardon the name) for Email and Calendar/Planner
  • Scribus, Gimp, and Libredraw for Desktop Publishing
  • And many Christian Wallpapers already uploading plus lots of neat features and customizations
 Off the bat, on purely technical grounds, I would replace Evolution with Thunderbird.  If you need to archive email, I'd suggest Enkive. It isn't that hard to configure.  Time consuming, but not difficult.

I have not downloaded this distro.
I have not tested this distro out.

Instead of testing out either of the other two distros I discovered today, I will test this one out.

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