18 January 2008

Documentation Time line

I backed up my windows box to a portable drive. This was very easy, and appeared to result in no verification errors.

Then I reinstalled Windows. Or rather tried to. For some reason, Windows refuses to install on the system, dying because it can not find a file in my floppy drive.

So until I get windows up and running, both resource creation, and documentation writing is on hold. :(

My priority will be getting The e-Sword Module Database current, and available as an SQLite database by 24 January.

I also will work on The Pocket e-Sword FAQ. The last version was released in 2005. I'll browse both the Pocket e-Sword and eSword lists, to see what changes need to be made. The last version was released in 2005, so I suspect that a total rewrite is required.

As far as The e-Sword Utility Program FAQ goes, Where to obtain support from, will continue to be updated monthly. The priority for the rest of the sections is as follows:

* Creating Modules using e-Sword;
* What is e-Sword;
* What are the required components;
* What are the e-Sword Utility programs;
* Best Practices;
* A11Y issues;
* You want what as a module;
* The Bible Component;
* The Bible Reading Plan Component;
* The Bookmark Component;
* The Commentary Component;
* The Devotional Component;
* The Dictionary Component;
* The Harmony Component;
* The MAP/Graphic Component;
* The Markup Overlay Component;
* The Memory Verse Component;
* The Prayer Request Component;
* The Sermon Illustration Component;
* The Study Note Component;
* The Topical File Component;
* The Verse List Component;
* Making Complex modules;
* e-Sword tips;
* How to use the Utility programs;
* How to use the Utility programs: STEP;
* How to use the Utility Programs: JB;
* Known Errors in e-Sword resources;
* Bible Translations: Names and Abbreviations;
* Abbreviations;
* Abbreviations: master List;
* Canonical and Deuterocanonical Material;
* Internal Verse Numbering;
* Versification Schemes;
* Direct mapping;
* Encoding Schemes;
* Other File Formats;
* e-Sword in Other Languages;
* BibleStudy2006;
* Bible Language Study Tools;
* Questions about the FAQ;
* Intellectual Property Rights;

This does not list every section in the master document. The priority of a section may change due to a change in circumstances.

Translation of the FAQ has been put on indefinite hold.

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