18 January 2008

Getting e-Sword support

The e-Sword Utility program FAQ: Where to Obtain e-Sword Support From: V 0.0B0.01.0/20080117 was released today. This is a 97 page PDF. A4 size pages.

Social Networking Sites that contain e-Sword interest groups are listed. I'm not sure why, but I was persuaded to sign up on Facebook, MySpace, and one or two others. That is how I discovered the existence of these interest groups. Whilst I wouldn't call them "support groups" in the traditional sense, their existence is significant. If, as has been suggested, email is dying, if not dead, then social networking groups will be the major, if not only source of support for users, in the intermediate future.

I've been told that an e-Sword community exists on Second City. Since I don't run Windows on a computer that has Internet Access, I have been unable to verify the existence of that group.

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