18 January 2008

e-Sword 7.9.3

e-Sword 7.9.3 was released on 17 January 2008.

The Sermon Illustration component is the major new feature.

The most significant change is that user created resources are now stored in a user-folder. (c:\Users and Settings\user-name\My Documents\e-Sword).

When installing, or upgrading e-Sword, all existing topical files will be placed in the user directory, unless they are either password protected, or write protected. Only keep topical files that are being actively edited in the user folder.

Strong's numbering recognition has been changed, so that one does not have to use a modified LXX+ with modified Strong's to see Greek Strong Numbers. In theory, a Hebrew NT with Hebrew Strong's numbers will also display the correct Strong's number information. (I can't find my Hebrew NT+ resource, so I could not verify that that feature works as expected.)

One caveat: Upgrading e-Sword may result in your existing Strong's module being overwritten. This may not be something you want to see happen.

I ran an extended commentary search, with no commentaries checked. In theory, no results should have been returned. In practice, I have intermittently received a result. I can not duplicate the conditions under which that happens. :( This marks the third or fourth time I have found something that should not happen, happening on an unpredictable, intermittent basis. It probably is a quirk in how I configure Windows. (For starters, Internet Explorer is not installed.)

I don't have multiple monitors, so I wasn't able to test that feature out. (More to the point, my preference is running windows without a monitor.)

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