14 April 2007

Currently Available e-Sword Resources

Currently Available e-Sword Resources was released 6 April

It is, to put it mildly, very incomplete.
A look at esnips.com reveals:
* 51 folders tagged "eSword";
* 95 folders tagged "e-Sword";
* 542 files tagged "eSword";
* 705 files tagged "e-Sword";

I started going through them tonight. I probably will finish it at the end of next week.

A couple of observations:
* There are a number of modules that are either copyright violations, or posted in violation of the e-Sword licence;
* There are a number of files that are found in two, three, or more folders;
* The range of material is tremendous. People are using e-Sword as a digital book library;

I['m not sure which surprised me more to find:
The Bible in Zulu, or Maimonides Guide for the Perplexed. Or maybe The Communist Manifesto.

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