14 April 2007

Product Guides for e-Sword

Browsing Logos, I found this Product Guide ( http://www.logos.com/products/info/guides )

When I have finished:
* Updated the FAQ;
* The e-Sword Resource Census;
I will tackle doing something similar for e-Sword.

Along the way I expect to be sending out hundreds of emails verifying that the resources can be legally distributed in e-Sword format. I hope I don't have to resort to filing DMCA take down notices. But if that is what it takes to reduce/eliminate the number of pirated resources, then that will be done.

With a couple of changes the e-Sword Original Languages Library (http://www.forananswer.org/Top_General/E-Sword_Modules.htm ) could serve the same function for e-Sword as the Logos Bible Software for Ancient Languages ( http://www.logos.com/ancientlanguages) page does for Logos

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