16 April 2007

e-Sword Resource Census

The current project target dates are:

19 April: Complete esnips.com folder listings;
22 April: Complete esnips.com file listings;
26 April: Complete yahoogroups.com file listings;
1 May: e-Sword.net and eStudySource.com census;
3 May: Complete census of other e-Sword repositories on the Internet.
4 May: Release Currently Available e-Sword Resources with all sections updated.

15 May: OPML file for all sites found/listed in Currently Available e-Sword Resources.

I expect to release daily updates of the section I am working on, until the census is complete.

File names for the sub-projects are:
* caem-esnips: Resources at esnips.com;
* caem-yahoogroups: Resources at yahoogroups.com;
* caem-internet: Resources of other repositories;

The file names are followed by an eight digit number. This is the year, month, and day that the file was updated.

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