06 October 2007

Denomination Specific Packages

Wandering around the net, I discovered that Accordance has created a couple of Collections. Nothing interesting except:
* Jewish Collection which is being remastered. It contains the Mishnah, Readigns and Prayers, and the Tanakh Outlines, amongst other texts;
* Catholic Collection 1, which contains "the Introductory level offers Catholic Bibles, basic Bible study tools such as outlines and parallels, devotional works, Order of the Mass and the Catechism."
* Catholic Collection 2, which contains "the Advanced level of the Catholic Collection 2 adds the Vulgate, Canon Law, Vatican and other documents in English and most in Latin."
* Scholar's Collection which "gives you everything you need to explore the original Greek and Hebrew texts."
* Compubiblia which is a collection of Spanish material.

This gives me some more pointers on creating e-Sword collections. And what resources still need to be converted into e-Sword format.

Going down the list:
* Jewish : Mishna, Readings & Prayers, Hebrew Verb, and Tanakh outlines are not available for e-Sword;
* Catholic 1: Imitation of Christ, Practice of the Presence of God, Summa Theoligica, Order of Mass, Catholic Catechism, and NJB are not available for e-Sword;
* Catholic 2: Vatican 1 documents,Vatican 2 documents, and Canon Law documents are not available for e-Sword.
* Scholar's Collection: Qumran manuscripts, Aramaic Targums (tagged), Northwest Semitic Inscriptions with Index, Waltke & O'Conner, Jenni-Westermann Theological Lexicon, Mishna (tagged), Wallace pretty much covers what is not available for e-Sword;
* Compubiblia: Everything in their collection is available for e-Sword.

Looks like there are a couple of major resources to create, for e-Sword to have the same data as Accordance.

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