25 October 2007

e-Sword Polls

This is a list of all of the polls on e-Sword support lists.
The lists are in random order.


Would you like this group to be used an e-Sword based Bible Study?
Created on Oct 24, 2007
Closes 1 November 2007

If this list is used as an e-Sword based Bible Study, then what format should it take?
Created on 24 October 2007
Closes 1 November 2007


Which of satan's doctrines, have entered the Christian world, since the time of Jesus Christ ?
Created on Sep 16, 2007
Ongoing/No closing date.


Debido al tiempo que consume traducir, quiero hacer una pequeña encuesta acerca de la posibilidad de tener e-sword en español.
Creado en 17 de Ago, 2007
Ongoing/No closing date.


Protestant Christian Affiliation.
CF http://www.iridis.com/glivar/List_of_Christian_denominations for a list of denominations, and definitions.
Created on Jan 23, 2005
Ongoing/No closing date.


How soon would like to be able to make your study notes into a commentary module?
Created on 5 October 2007
Poll closes 1 November 2007

Ben's Next Development Efforts. Keep working on BeST 2.0 or update BPeST (Pocket e-Sword import tool)
Created on Oct 23 October 2007
Closes 7 November 2007

How many of us live with the belief in an imminent expectation concerning the return of Christ.
Created on 21 May 2007
Ongoing/No Closing date.


Does the Hebrew text display itself properly?
Created on Feb 15, 2004
Ongoing/No closing date.

Are you prepared for an emergency, with an emergency kit containing the essential items, that you can grab quickly as if you'd have to evacuate at the sound of a firebell?
Created on May 5, 2004
Ongoing/No closing date.

If you had to pick between either "Good" or "Truth" to be the exclusive form of the Universe... which one would you pick?
Created on Mar 24, 2005
Ongoing/No closing date.

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