17 October 2007

Zoom and e-Sword

Over on the Βλογοσ blog was a mention of"The Long Zoom".

Scaling across the Bible looking at the various patterns.

Perry Stones talks on Prophetic End Times, using the history of Creation being one example.

Distribution of words and phrases across the Bible.

Distribution of ideas across the Bible. Then apply that to Church doctrine.

I can conceptualize how to do part of that using e-Sword.
The rest requires writing new components for e-Sword.

* A way to view time lines;
* A pattern recognition component;
* Something that pivots sub-sections of the results of pattern recognition and time lines;

If words matched ideas, then concordances would suffice for textual pattern recognition. But they don't. :(

Yet I can imagine drilling up and down passages, to determine whether or not John wrote the gospel of John, or the Documentary Hypothesis is merely mythical. This is where the need for original language resources is critical.

Or being able to verify that yes, the prophecies about the Messiah in the OT are repeated again as the prophecies for the return of Christ. And that both prophecies "run backward" in terms of Creation.

Or being able to see how a verse in Psalms is echoed in every other book of the Bible, without rebuilding it using "Bible Codes",or gematria techniques.

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