09 October 2007

Providing Answers

I get a lot of email everyday.
I don't always remember what people ask me to create.
I don't always remember what people ask me to write instructions for.

So I'd appreciate it if questions about using were posted as a comment on this blog, and not sent as email.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Ok, here is a comment instead of an email.

I'm looking for Hawker's PM-CMT. I see in your other blog that you were working/going to work on it. You seemed to say you had the dictionary going in June. That so? And the CMT for January 2008?

It's a pretty cool CMT. I have the whole thing in PDF form, but it is the scans of the pages, not the text, you know? Very hard to deal with.

I was wondering if you are getting anywhere with it.

Spurgeon refers very enthusiastically to it in his Commenting and Commentaries.

It would be very cool to add it to e-Sword.

By the way, I just converted a nice devotion called the Hungry Heart Devotion. Ben got it imported into e-Sword with his new Alpha233rd thing. Something you don't have. I'll trade you for it. :)