19 April 2011

e-Sword-users.org UP

E-Sword-users.org came back up last week.

I started trying to copy the e-Sword-users.org website to my system when it came back up, in early April.  For various reasons, most of the tools I was using, failed to duplicate the website.

On 14 April, I started using ftp to e-Sword-users.org  from GoDaddy, to home server.

Problem # 1:   The website contains almost 100 GB of data.  I have less than 90GB of free disk space.  I will be burning DVDs, and deleting content, before everything has finished being downloaded;

Problem # 2:  On Thursday --- 14 April --- my Internet connection became even more bizarre, and uncooperative.  By Friday, it was completely down.  Replacing the modem on Saturday fixed it. Later on this week, more work will be done on that connection. Hopefully, that will stabilize it even more;

Problem # 3:  If the keyboard is not used for six hours, the computer shifts into hibernation mode.  Since I'm not using that computer for anything else, it is in hibernation mode for hours at a time.  At the current download speed, the entire site will be transferred to my server on 28 April;

Once everything is transferred to my home server, I will be backing it up to DVDs.  Then I will be removing at least 50 GB of data from the site.  Most of this is duplicate files that were uploaded by two or more people.

I expect that this process will be completed by 1 May.  At that point, I will start constructing a test website on my home network. (This will not be publicly accessible.)  This test website will be the basis of the new e-Sword-users.org website.

Unfortunately, I can not work on this full time.  :(

In order of priority, I will be working on:
* The e-Sword Users Foundation;
* e-Sword Documentation;
* The e-Sword-users Website;


-Jonathan Perry said...

Thanks! Appreciate all your hard work

-Jonathan Perry said...

Thanks for all your hard work and service. Blessing and Shalom.