02 April 2011

Poll Results: 4 Days Later

Poll results on what should happen to e-Sword-users.org.

From http://e-sword-users.org/users/node/4934

Which of the following should happen to e-Sword-users.org

  • Abandon the Website:                                14%  (3 votes) 
  • Run it as a one person owned and operated website:  23% (5 votes) 
  • Incorporate as a for-profit organization     5%  (1 vote) 
  • Incorporate as a non-profit organization  36% (8 votes) 
  • Find an organization to adopt it:               14%  (3 votes) 
  • Something else:                                            9%  (2 votes)
Total votes: 22


What should be done with e-Sword-users.org, and the domains it owns?

  • Abandon the site:
    2    03%
  • Run it as a one person owned and operated website:
   20 32%
  • Incorporate:
   18 29%
  • Find an organization to adopt it:
   14 22%
  • Something else:
    8 12%
 Total votes: 62.

In the eSword list, somebody commented that "running it as a one person owner and operated website", could very easily lead to a repeat of the current situation.

Whilst my preference is for a Foundation, I'll go along with the results of the polls.  

Technically, that would be a Charitable Trust, because I am seriously looking at what is required to set up a non-profit organization in New Zealand.

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