22 April 2011

Bible Org Resources for e-Sword

Bible.org offers three sets of resources for e-Sword:

* The NET Bible, with limited notes: This resource is gratis;
* The NET Bible, with all notes: This resource is US$19.99;
* The REB Bible, with footnotes: This resource is US$19.95;

I bought these resources on 17 September 2010.

The commentary resources display in e-Sword 9.6.0.
The Bible resources do not display in my copy of e-Sword 9.6.0

Fortunately, I know how to create e-Sword resources.
In every instance the Details Table failed to conform to e-Sword Resource Format Specification 2 Criteria.

I'm not sure whether it is fortunate, or unfortunate for them, that e-Sword inconsistently checks the data fields in the Details Table.

Fixing the errors in the Details Table did not get the Bible resources to display correctly.

On both the eSword list, and at e-sword-users.org I requested copies of screenshots of these resources. I received five screen-shots, and none of them displayed any of the issues I ran into.

Adding insult to injury, a copy of the gratis NET Bible that I converted from e-Sword Resource Format Specification 1 to e-Sword Resource Format Specification 2 did display correctly.

In walking through the different versions of the NET Bible. (gratis, non-gratis no notes, non-gratis full notes), nothing struck me as being why the different versions behaved differently.

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J said...

Sometime over the summer 2011, Bible.org stopped selling _The REB Bible_. Bible.ORG was an agent, and not the resource creator.
I do not know if the resource creator is still selling it.