26 April 2011

Thinking about Ubuntu Christian Edition

Something that only dawned on me today, was that the recent (11
March 2011) earthquake in Japan put paid to a release of Ubuntu Christian Edition based upon Ubuntu 11.4. That earthquake probably also put paid to a release of Ubuntu Christian Edition based upon Ubuntu 11.10.

Fundamentally, what is Ubuntu Christian Edition:
* A metapackage for Ubuntu;
* A distro in its own right;

When that question is answered, then one can address the twin issues of whether Ubuntu Christian Edition should continue to be developed, and if so, what is the more appropriate form to utilize, to ensure its continued existence.

At this point in time, The e-Sword User's Foundation is too unstable to take Ubuntu Christian Edition under its wing. I do foresee The e-Sword User's Foundation working with other software projects to create a Christian metapackage for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

A Christian metapackage would consist of Christian orientated applications and artwork.  A Christian version of the Trinidad and Toboga Computer Society OSSWin disc, http://www.ttcsweb.org/osswin-cd/index.htm.

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Pastor Michael Henry said...

I also have been thinking about Ubuntu CE and I received permission from Jereme to release a newer version. I would like to turn UCE into a foundation or ministry with a board of directors. Email me at bromichaelhenry at gmail dot com, please, and lets see what we can do.