08 June 2011

e-sword 9.9.1 released.

Rick released e-Sword 9.9.1 earlier today.

From what I understand, it is basically bug fixes, for certain values of "basically", and certain values of "bug fixes".

Here is a screenshot of e-Sword 9.9.1 on my system.
This screenshot demonstrates a feature that Rick has restored to e-Sword.   :)
This feature is something I think enhances Bible study.


El Pato said...

I have compared carefully your screenshot with my e-Sword 9.9.0, but I have been unable to find the feature you mention. What is it?

J said...

The feature was present in e-Sword 9.9.0. It was not present in e-Sword 8.x or 9.0.0 through 9.8.3.