08 June 2011

RFE: e-Sword 9.x

These are RFE's I've submitted to Rick, for what I think would be enhancements of e-Sword functionality.

Two requests for enhancement with the importing document:

1:  Add support for ODF. 
* Technical specifications are available at http://www.oasis-open.org/ ;
* http://ooolib.sourceforge.net/ has a PERL and a Python ODF Library. (GNUGPL / LGPL ) Neither can be directly used with e-Sword. :(

2: Biblos, Text2DAO, and one or two other e-Sword Utility programs that allowed one to import content into e-Sword, used "#####" as a separator string, and the first line that followed was assumed to be both the page name, and title of the page.  EG:
some text


Next Topic Title
blah, blah, blah


Third Topic Title
blah, blah, blah.

Three (or five) requests for enhancement  of background colours:

RFE  1a: Add Pale Yellow to the background colour palette.
Currently, 20 colours are available in the background colour palette.
None of them, at least on any of the monitors, or computers I'm using, shows appears to be a pale yellow.

RFE 2b: Can the ability for users to create their own custom colours for the background be added?  (This would be the same as the current custom palette used for highlighting text.)

RFE 2aAdd "textured" background.
An earlier version of e-Sword had a textured background, that made it appear as if one was reading from a parchment.
Can that texture be re-introduced?

RFE 2b: Can it be added so that users can create their own textured backgrounds?

RFE 3: Would it be possible to enable a user customized palette for all seven text colour options?

( Background, Active verse, Reference, Tool Tip Link,  Red-Letter, Italicized, Anagignoskomena. )


This was originally posted to my blog at e-Sword-users.org on 21 February 2010

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