08 June 2011

Why the site was down

e-Sword-users.org was down due to an unpaid web hosting bill.  That the site went down, and the reason for it doing so, caught virtually all of the current and former e-sword-user team members by surprise.

In the past twelve months, virtually all of the site admins have either formally, or informally resigned their position.  For the last three months, e-Sword-users.org has, for all practical purposes, not had a management team.  Whilst I was aware of most of the resignations, I was not aware of all of them.  I did not know that the web hosting contract was for six months.

Web hosting service for this site is paid though 13 April 2011.

A list ( eSU_Foundation) discussing future options for e-Sword-users.org can be found at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/esu_foundation/

I created a poll What should be done with e-Sword-users.org, and the domains it owns? on the eSword@Yahoogroups site, to find out what e-Sword users on that list, think should happen with this site.  This poll ends on 5 April.

I also created a poll "Which of the following should happen to e-Sword-users.org:" which is currently on the front page of this site. It lives at http://e-sword-users.org/users/node/4934.  This poll ends on 5 April.


This was originally posted to my blog on e-Sword-users.org on 29 March 2011.

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