07 June 2011

e-Sword Users Foundation: Core Activities

The name of the foundation is e-Sword Users Foundation.
The mission statement is "To create and distribute digital tools and resources for studying the Bible".
The Aims and goals of the foundation are:
  1. To obtain and produce the best of Bible Study resources for e-Sword, Pocket e-Sword, and other Bible Study Software;
  2. To advance e-Sword as a serious contender for the best home Bible Study Tool;
  3. To advance e-Sword as a serious contender for the best Bible Study Tool for Bible College Student and Theological Seminary Student;
  4. Be an advocate and influence for e-Sword users on suggestions for changes that can be made for e-Sword;
It shall accomplish this by:
  • Hosting legally distributable resources;
  • Hosting legally re-distributable documentation;
  • Hosting legally re-distributable auxiliary tools;
  • Hosting web forums for support;
  • Creating original resources;
  • Convert existing content;
  • Translate content into other languages;
  • Create documentation;
  • Translate documentation into other languages;
  • Create auxillary tools;
  • Create points of contact on social media sites;
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