08 June 2011

Two years and two days

e-Sword-users.org was created on 14 October 2008.
It went live on 19 November 2008.
On 10 December 2008, it reached 500 users.

Today (12 December 2010) we are at 15 000 users.
We also have reached 5 000 posts in the various forums.
There are 2,600 resources listed.
  • Almost fifty of them are in the moderation queue;
  • Roughly 124 of them are non-distributable;
The most popular pages on the website are:
  • Recent Posts;
  • Bibles, Redistributable 9.x and above
  • Topics, Redistributable 9.x and above;
The most frequent site visitors are bots:
  • BingBot;
  • GoogleBot #1;
  • GoogleBot #2;
  • UKRTel DataCenter Bot;
  • YahooSlurp #1;
  • GoogleBot #3;
  • YahooSlurp #2;
At around position 20, we find our first human visitors.

e-Sword-users has survived some obstacles:
  • System downtime;
  • Key people leaving;
I think that it has been a worthwhile two years.  One that helps contribute to the annual two and a half million downloads of e-Sword.

In the next year, I hope to see:
  • Website redesigned;
  • Resource moderation queue streamlined;
  • More resources for Pocket e-Sword;
  • More user participation in the forums;
  • More user created documentation;

Comment on 201012180823

Stephen wrote:

>>>Almost fifty of them are in the moderation queue<<< >Why so many... if they're kosher, why hold them back, and why not just bang them out???
We have to verify that they can be legally distributed.

I've also had a request that part of that process also check that the content is what it purports to be. (This is something I said should be done back when e-Sword-users was first created.)


This was originally posted to my blog at e-Sword-users.org on 12 December 2010

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