08 June 2011

While you weren't looking

I'm still doing statistical analysis for my  talk on Friday at BibleTech 2010. :(
In double checking my figures,I realized that today:

  • e-Sword-users.org has 11 284 members;
  • eSword list has 7 328 members;
  • e-Sword_Advanced_users has 2 419 members.
  • e-Sword-espanol has 1 902 Members;
  • Pocket e-Sword has 1 390 members;

On 6 February 2010, e-Sword-users.org had 10,000  members.
On 18 September 2009, e-Sword-users.org had 6,100 members.

What I'm trying to figure out, is how many resources have been downloaded from e-Sword-users.org, since it was setup.

Comment posted on 201004080235

APsit190 wrote:
>To deduce the actual numbers of e-Sword users worldwide would have to be only an estimate,
2 500 000 copies of e-Sword were downloaded last year.
My current guestimate is that 1 000 000 copies of e-Sword are distributed each year via CD and DVD.

My current guestimate is that there are 500 000 users of e-Sword.
I don't remember how I derived those figures. :(
[You can thank Windows for destroying that data.]

 Comment posted on 201003241350

DSaw wrote:
>What I/m curious about is daily and weekly visits
For the last two weeks, the most frequent visitor has been Yahoo's bot.

If I am reading the data correctly, about a quarter of the people that sign up, visit the site once. That data probably is flawed, because cookie bins are periodically cleaned.

Unique IP addresses don't work, because they aren't static.


This was originally posted to my blog at e-Sword-users.org on 19 March 2010.

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