19 June 2011

FLOSS OS and applications for Christian Organizations

In looking into setting up a foundation to take over e-Sword-users.org, one thing that repeatedly struck me, was that no Linux distro targeted the non-profit sector.

At least three quarters of the charitable organizations in England, do not meet the financial criteria that requires that they be registered with The Charitable Commission of England and Wales.  Not only is their gross annual revenue under five thousand pounds, but the trustees do not anticipate it exceeding that amount.

A 64 bit Linux or BSD distro that includes the following:
  • Enterprise Resource Planing: OpenERP, ADempiere; 
  • Accounting: WebERP, SMBLedger;
  • Customer Relationship Management: vTiger_CRM;
  • Content Management System: Drupal, MediaWiki;
  • Telephone Communications: Asterisk;
  • Audio Conferencing: ?;
  • Video Conferencing: ? ;
  • eMail archiving: Enkive;
  • Backup System: Bacula, Ceder Backup,PyBackPack?;
  • Office Suite Software: LibreOffice;
  • Video Editing: OpenShot;
  • Image Editing: The GIMP;
  • Audio Editing: Audacity;
  • Desktop Publishing: Scribus;
  • Intraweb search engine: Hadoop / Nutch / Lucene / Solr / Tiki;
  • Internet Web Search : Sphinx;
  • Church Administration:  Churchinfo, ChurchDB;
  • Outreach Management: Jethro Pastoral Ministry Manager;
  • Worship Software: OpenLP;
  • Data Mining: WEKA; Orange;
should be ideal for a church or other religiously orientated non-profit.

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